I hope to use this Substack as a kind of blog by which I commit myself to capturing the many thoughts and intuitions that bubble up from the below. I’ve been an avid reader for many years, and I see patterns everywhere. I am calling this pattern-space The Underneath because it is where the good stuff lives, and it that seems to abound just below the surface of things. We are charged with spirit. Nature is charged with spirit. Our experience is charged with spirit.

You can call The Underneath the subtext, or the foundation, the soil-and-roots, the Underworld, or even the subconscious. Many of us sense that there is a whole underlying substructure of being that animates our world.

These things manifest in books, songs, movies and shows, politics and church, and in our liturgies public and private, literal and metaphorical.

Additionally, we sit atop several thousands of years of collected wisdom, most of which we appear to ignore with staggering efficiency. My hope is to explore our legacy code, so to speak. Not merely as an exercise in museum-going, but additionally as an entry way into the fullness of truth.


For now I will keep this a free subscription. I have plans to expand this work out to include a podcast and subscriber-only content.

Thank you for reading. I will do my best not to waste your time, nor to bore you.